DG-1 Dynamic Groove


The Vertere DG-1 Dynamic Groove Record Player is our most affordable design; the easiest to set up and use, and also contains some of our most innovative thinking.



For those daunted by the idea of setting up a turntable, many of which seem to arrive in kit form, the DG-1 is as close as you’re going to get to ‘plug and play’ in a high-end, high-performance record player, and yet packed with innovations. The DG-1 is our simplest record player, yet also our most highly-developed. Here’s why. When it came to building a new, easy-to-use, entry-level model for our record player range, we could have taken the easy route of simply replicating much of what we’ve already done in our flagship models, just using less expensive materials and components. But that would have been too easy and rather unsatisfactory – after all, we’re all about designing to a level of performance, not a price. So a complete re-imagining was the only approach to take.



  • Simple – High end, high performance out of the box

  • Sophisticated – Innovative technology encapsulated in an elegant design

  • Precise – Fully programmable, microprocessor controlled made future proof

  • Fun – Supreme platform to bring your vinyl collection to life



Type Belt Drive
Motor 24 Pole Synchronous
Acetal Spindle Thrust Bearing
Motor Mount Axially De-coupled
Pulley Aluminum Alloy
Drive Belt Bespoke Silicone Rubber
Platter DG‐1 Precision Machined Aluminium Alloy
PETG Bonded Record Interface Mat
Underside Bonded Resonance Control Disc
Bearing Spindle DG‐1 Stainless Steel
Super Precision Machined & Polished
Roundness / Concentricity < < 5 Microns
Bearing Housing Brass
Super Precision Machined
Bore Tolerance < 5 Microns
Super Precision Tungsten Carbide Ball
Plinth Structure 3 Layer Acrylic
Top and Sub-Plinth, Internally Illuminated
Isolation System 4 Point, Bespoke Silicone Rubber
Support Structure
Steel Chassis
Three Adjustable Feet
Motor Drive Advanced Microprocessor Controlled
Fully Programmable & Motor Noise Reduction
Speeds 33.3 & 45 rpm (+/- 0.2%)
Electronically Selectable
Dust cover Non-resonant Acrylic
Dimensions 469 x 384 x 130mm
W x D x H (Including Dust Cover)
Power Supply Wall Adaptor Type
UK, US, EU & AUS Exchangeable Plugs
100 – 240 Vac with 1.5m Cord
Weight 17lbs

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