RG-1 Reference Groove


Re-create the live music experience with Record Player RG-1 Reference Groove, Vertere’s finest model and first choice among the world’s high-end turntables.

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Record Player RG-1 Reference Groove embodies all Vertere’s unrivalled expertise in quality audio engineering, high-end hi-fi systems and turntables. Designed without compromise, every single component in the RG-1 is specially engineered and custom built, using the best possible materials and the highest standards of precision.



  • The perfect platform for any tonearm, and an ideal partner for Vertere Reference tonearm

  • Plays every note with the intended emotion

  • Gets the maximum information and detail from your records

  • Gives lifelike dynamics in any home environment



Type Belt Drive
Motor 48 pole synchronous
6 point body contact support
Spindle support acetal ball bearing
Motor Mount Acetal platform – articulated
2 ball race bearings and silicone motor spring
Pulley Super precision aluminum alloy
Drive Belt Precision ground polymer
Platter Super precision aluminum alloy
Two part linear damped
2mm bonded acrylic record interface
Bearing Spindle Super precision tungsten carbide
Roundness/concentricity and finish < 1 micron
Bearing Housing Aerospace grade phosphor bronze
Clearance < 4 microns
Plinth Structure Clear or special printed black cast acrylic
30mm thick top and bottom plinths
2mm thick sub-plinth and 15mm mid-plinth
Isolation System 3 stage compliant and 2 stage rigid
12 decoupler sets and 12 tuned silicone rign/bobbins
3mm acrylic disc and stainless feet/hard rubber
Motor Drive P/S Precision crystal referenced
Speeds 33.3 and 45 rpm (<0.3%)
Wow and Flutter <0.08%
Rumble < -87dB
Dimensions 486x401x1210-220mm
Weight 50lbs

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