Elevate your turntable experience: Unleash the full potential of your vinyl collection with Vertere’s exquisite audio accessories. Enhance the performance of your turntable, achieve uncompromising sound quality, and immerse yourself in the richness and coherence of your music.

Techno Mat

Vertere’s Techno Mat enhances record player performance with a two-layer design—air-cushioned top layer preserves vinyl properties, while the bottom ensures inert connection.

Available in two versions:

Available with a 4.5mm centre hole optimized for use with Vertere MG-1, SG-1 and RG-1 record players or a 7mm centre hole suitable for all other record players.


Iso Paw

Vertere Iso-paw elevates your DG-1 record player and Phono-1 cartridge amplifier, ensuring prolonged musical enjoyment. Crafted with an Acetal support featuring a felt underside for surface coupling and a Sorbothane dome top for effective decoupling, it optimally supports and enhances your audio setup for years of musical delight.

Stylus Balance

Vertere Stylus Balance simplifies precise cartridge tracking force setup at record surface height. Calibrate easily with the supplied 20g weight block, featuring a ‘Zero’ setting and an accuracy of 0.005g. Powered by a single AAA battery, its bright LCD display conserves energy by dimming when inactive and brightening upon stylus contact.

Azimut & VTA Alignment Block

Vertere Azimuth | VTA Alignment Block guarantees precise cartridge azimuth and vertical tracking angle (VTA) setup effortlessly. Precision-machined from solid clear Cast Acrylic, it features laser-engraved horizontal and vertical lines for seamless alignment checks. The block’s dual-face design allows flexibility, providing different top gaps for clear visibility of the cartridge/head-shell alignment.

Spirit Levels Set

The Vertere Spirit Level Set comprises three essential elements:

  1. Standard-size bull’s eye in White (30mm diameter) with standard sensitivity.
  2. Small-size bull’s eye (12mm diameter) for tonearms and confined spaces with high sensitivity.
  3. Rectangular level (15 x 15 x 36mm) suitable for azimuth and VTA alignment checks with standard sensitivity.

Stainless Steel Cartridge Thumb Screws

Vertere Stainless Steel cartridge screws are similar in shape and size to the titanium screws but provide a higher added mass of 2.5g.

Titanium Cartridge Thumb Screws

Vertere Titanium cartridge screws, precision-machined, optimize connection between tonearm head-shell and cartridge, adding 1.5g mass. Ideal for lowering resonance, they’re a perfect match for Vertere’s reference tonearm.
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