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Unleash Hi-Fi Perfection: Vertere, Elevating Audio Experiences.
New DG-1S

The new DG-1S delivers higher resolution replay, greater dynamic contrasts and improved stereo separation with greater precision while at the same time keeping the musicality the DG-1 is known for.

Super Groove Precision Tonearm HB
Super Groove Precision Tonearm HB

The Vertere SG-PTA HB utilizes a combination of quality materials including roll-wrapped carbon-fibre, stainless steel, brass, aluminium alloys and silicon nitride.

Reference Tonearm Gen 3
Reference Tonearm Gen III

Vertere Reference Tonearm is a true state-of-the-art component, which can transform the performance of high-end record playing systems.

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Explore audio excellence with XtraX—a cartridge defying boundaries with a telescopic cantilever, four-point fixing, and micro-elliptical stylus. Its single-piece aluminum chassis merges innovation and precision for an unparalleled musical journey.



dark sabre

Embark on a musical revolution with Dark Sabre, where innovative design and cutting-edge technology unite. This moving magnet cartridge, redefining clarity, features a single-piece chassis, advanced fixing formation, and a micro-elliptical nude diamond stylus for unmatched sonic excellence.


redline cables

Vertere Redline Cable System is the high-performance affordable connection.

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Ever wondered how a record is cut-to-vinyl at Abbey Road Studios? Step inside award-winning mastering engineer Miles Showell’s mastering suite at Abbey Road Studios as he takes you through the process and explains more about the “holy grail of vinyl cutting” – half speed-mastering.

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