Revive the Magic of Vinyl: Vertere Tonearms breathe new life into your cherished vinyl collection, maximizing the musical essence of each record groove with their exceptional and distinctive design.


Super Groove II Pathfinder Tone Arm

Introducing Super Groove II, an evolution of SG I PTA’s acclaimed design. Enhanced balance and precision ensure seamless interaction with the record surface, making it the perfect upgrade for SG-1 and RG-1 owners seeking superior performance.

Reference Tonearm - New Gen

Push the boundaries of analogue reproduction. The state-of-the-art Vertere Reference Tonearm transforms any high-end record playing system.

Super Groove Precision Tonearm

Benefitting enormously from the work done in developing the Reference Tonearm, the Vertere Super Groove PTA offers incomparable performance in almost any class.

Super Groove Precision Tonearm HB

The Vertere SG-PTA HB utilises a combination of quality materials including roll-wrapped carbon-fibre, stainless steel, brass, aluminium alloys and silicon nitride.

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