motor drives

Experience pure audio mastery: Vertere Motor Drive unleashes unparalleled energy, effortlessly driving your record player for astonishingly clear music reproduction, mirroring the original masterpiece.

rG-1 reference Motor Drive

With RG-1 Motor Drive, complete mastery over the record player motor ensures an unparalleled smooth drive, minimal noise, and distortion. Experience the astonishing magic of vinyl as the extracted music astonishingly mirrors the original master’s authenticity and depth, making each listening session an unforgettable journey.


Imperium Precision Motor Drive is based on our Reference Motor Drive and utilizes some of its most advanced control circuit design, including a simplified power supply and control functions. The Imperium enhances the musical performance and makes the experience of listening to vinyl on the RG-1 or the SG-1 closer to the original master.


Tempo Precision Motor Drive is based on our reference motor drive utilizing some its most advanced control circuit design, implemented to advance beyond the SG motor drive with which the RG-1 and SG-1 Record Players have already had worldwide praise.
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