CALON Dual Mono Phono Preamp

CALON phono stage: revolutionizes record reproduction. Vertere’s innovative preamplifier design. Elevates analogue source performance with unprecedented detail, clarity, and sonic excellence.


Employing a fundamentals-focused approach to audio design, this high-end phono stage meticulously enhances every signal chain component. Dual gain stages and precise linearization ensure unparalleled signal clarity and detail resolution. An LF filter moderates wasted energy and headroom from subsonic noise, optimizing analog source efficiency. CALON seamlessly adapts to MM or MC cartridges with granular impedance and capacitance control.

Beneath its non-magnetic stainless steel chassis, two identical, gold-plated, four-layer PCBs provide flawless dual mono performance. This setup elicits jaw-dropping dynamics and musical expression. CALON becomes the beating heart of your analog source, transforming your system’s ability to deliver breathtaking musical magic.

By carefully developing this phono stage, we’ve refined the performance potential of every component it touches. With CALON, experience a new level of fine-tuned efficiency and musicality, elevating your listening experience to realms previously unimagined.

technical specifications

Type MC/MM Phono Preamplifier Main phono circuit on two separate gold-plated PCBs
Power Supply Two Linear, Internally Mains voltage switchable, transformers
Gain Settings 45dB to 73dB In 15 Steps
Input Impedance Settings Resistance 100R to 47k in 9 Steps
Capacitance100pF to 1.0uF – In 9 Steps
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.2dB
Noise < -83dB – AWD
THD-N 0.01%
Finish Front Panel Options Silver or Black
Dimensions 412 x 290 x 88mm W x D x H (Incl. Switches & Feet)
Weight 15 lbs
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