Vertere Redline

Selling for £650 for a 1m pair, the first impressions of Redline were of a revealing sense of soundstage presence and atmosphere, and this in a £250,000 system! It sounded at its best with some polyester braided sleeving or alternatively a few Ty-Rap* ties to keep the two loose cable channels paralleled together. It seems not designed to impress: nothing untoward stands out, save the great sound and highly musical performances, naturally balanced in timbre, with fine focus and perspective. The tremble is sweet and open, nicely atmospheric, with critical Garbarek sax lines well balanced. It offers musically rewarding performances with natural dynamic contrasts, informative sound pictures combined with very good timing. Image depth was short of excellent, with particularly good detail and very natural musical dynamics, in some respects reminiscent of the highly rated Naim Super Lumina DIN-RCA interconnect.

Tech: This flexible compact discrete cable is double shielded with seven varying gauge insulated conductors per channel facilitating different configurations for both tonearm and stereo interconnect cables. Well constructed, the connectors are all bespoke and contacts are heavily gold plated.

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