New Generation

Reference Tonearm

Push the boundaries of analogue reproduction. The state-of-the-art Vertere Reference Tonearm transforms any high-end record playing system.


Counterweight sleeve & tungsten carbide weight insert

The reference tonearm comes with a second tungsten carbide loaded counterweight to accommodate much heavier cartridges than standard. This heavier counterweight also has extra screw‐on end caps to further increase the weight if required.

Illumination LED power supply

The tonearm cueing light, integrated into the head‐shell, is a blessing when playing records as well as being an essential aid when setting up a cartridge. The illumination LEDs are powered by the elegant, battery operated, noise‐free power supply that also allows dimming control.

Dial plate

When it comes to attention to detail the Vertere reference tonearm gets into every minutiae. From illuminated Anti‐skate dial and logos to the proprietary lift/lower mechanism and mounting plate every component is custom‐built for this formidable tonearm.

Horizontal motion bearing assembly & pillar sleeve

As the cartridge tracks the record it also has to move the tonearm, side to side and up and down. It does this in order to position itself, as closely as possible, on the mean line of the groove. Failure to do this accurately will result in loss and distortion of the musical signal the cartridge is to extract. To assist the cartridge in this cumbersome task, the reference tonearm utilises a unique bearing design both in the horizontal and vertical planes. Using several hundreds of microns-thick Kevlar threads provides silent, ultra‐low friction movement of the arm without any stiction.

Titanium head-shell and arm tube

Rigid, light, non‐resonant are key words when it comes to tonearm tubes and head‐shells and titanium is most suitable material. On the reference tonearm the arm tube is machined down to a mere 0.4mm in wall thickness maximising rigidity to weight ratio. The sculpted head‐shell is then fuse welded to the arm tube to behave as one piece. This property is specific to titanium.

technical specifications


Effective Length
240mm Horizontal
263mm Vertical


Offset Angle


Arm Tube

Bearing Yoke Structure
Aluminium Body

Bearing Type
Non-Rotating microns-thick Kevlar threads

Counter Weight
Stainless / Tungsten Carbide
Articulated x3 Ball Races

Internal Wiring
Special Hand-Built Pulse
Signal & LED Power Wiring
x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts

Proprietary Cartridge & Cable Connectorsx3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts
Vertere 7-Way Tonearm Connector

Tonearm Cable
Special Pulse-HB Hand-built
x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts
Vertere HB Reference 23.95ct Gold/5 micron+

Queuing Light Power Supply
Battery Powered

Standard Counterweight (x1)

Standard C/W Disc (x6)
Each 7.6g

Special Counterweight (x1)

Tungsten Carbide C/W Insert (x1)

Special C/W Disc (x4)
Each 7.6g

Overall Weight (With Std C/W & x4 Discs)
Approx. 590g

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