RG-1 reference motor drive

The essence of vinyl playback lies in the motor—the sole source of energy. Any disturbance in the drive system impacts music quality. The RG-1 Reference Motor Drive, pushing control circuit design to its limits, optimizes our RG-1 Reference Record Player & Tonearm. This drive takes precise control, ensuring a smooth, low-noise, and low-distortion operation. The result is music from vinyl that remarkably echoes the original master, achieving unparalleled closeness to the source recording’s authenticity. The RG-1 Motor Drive stands as a pinnacle for those seeking the purest, true-to-original sound from their vinyl records.


The RG-1 Reference Record Player employs a synchronous motor for propulsion. Unlike DC motors, synchronous motors operate at a constant speed, ‘locking’ onto their drive signal frequency. A meticulously designed motor drive guarantees consistent rotational speed for optimal performance.
Developed over two years, the RG-1 Motor Drive was conceived to align with the Reference Tonearm/RG-1 record player synergy, unlocking their complete performance potential.
Another imperative was to offer precise speed adjustments for records needing slight corrections. RG-1 Motor Drive accomplishes this by utilizing a microprocessor, generating exact frequencies to drive the motor at the required speed steps, addressing potential errors from the cutting process or existing on the tape.
Following the microprocessor, a high-quality internal D to A Converter transforms frequencies into essential analog Sine & Cosine waves crucial for motor operation. These waves are then amplified to needed levels via 20W audio amplifiers, ensuring the motor is driven without unwanted noise or distortion, maintaining absolute speed stability.
The RG-1 Motor Drive is fully programmable, allowing adjustments for all necessary speed steps, ensuring future compatibility. It features three dedicated toroidal transformers, powering the output amplifiers and various sections of the internal circuitry.
The RG-1 Motor Drive operates with three fully regulated and decoupled power supply rails for the microprocessor, DAC, and all operating circuits. The microprocessor is programmable via an onboard RJ11 socket, enclosed in a solid copper shield can for full isolation. Premium components ensure the theoretical design is fully realized and performance is optimized.
The front rotary knob on the RG-1 Motor Drive offers 7 precise speed adjustments, enabling fine-tuned ‘fixed’ speed selections of +/- 0.25%, 0.50%, 0.75%, 1.00%, 1.50%, 2.00%, and 3.00% around the original 33 & 45 rpm.
The RG-1 Motor Drive features switches for 33/45 selection and Sleep/Operation modes. The motherboard is mounted on an aluminum chassis, enclosed in a machined aluminum alloy cover. Residual motor noise fine-tuning is conveniently performed from the unit’s underside.

technical specifications

Type:Record Player Motor Drive
All circuits on gold plated PCB
Mode Selection:Sleep or Operation
Speed Selection:33 rpm or 45 rpm
Power Supply:Linear
x3 Toroidal Transformers
Fine Speed Adjustment Settings;
33 or 45
-3.00% to +3.00%
In 14 Steps
WxDxH (Incl. Selector and Feet)
Weight:4.10 Kg
Power requirement:100-200 or 200-240 Vac Factory Set
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