Super Groove II Pathfinder Tone arm


Super Groove II enhances SG I PTA’s praised design. With improved balance and precision, it offers a seamless connection to the record surface. Ideal upgrade for SG-1 and RG-1 owners.

key improvements

Super Groove II Pathfinder Tonearm shares only three components with SG I PTA, diverging in design to approach the flagship Reference Tonearm. Refinements optimize weight distribution, reducing stylus movement and enhancing efficiency. A new titanium headshell and a heavier, decoupled dual-axis counterweight improve dynamic mass distribution and azimuth adjustment.

Additionally, a stiffer rolled carbon fiber tube enhances joint connections. These nuanced enhancements elevate SG II PTA’s performance, enriching your analogue source with remarkable musical detail, achieving levels of precision and connection with the record surface previously unseen, ensuring an unparalleled upgrade for SG-1 and RG-1 owners.

technical specifications

Type Tri-pivot articulated
Effective Length240mm
Offset Angle22.9°
Arm TubeWrapped Carbon Fibre
Bearing Yoke StructureAluminium Body
Bearing TypePrecision Captive Silicon Nitride Balls (x3) Tungsten Carbide point
Counter WeightHigh Polished Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel T/W Adj. Sleeve
Internal WiringPulse Hand-built
ConnectorProprietary Cartridge Tags & 5-Pin
Triple Thickness Gold Plated Contacts
Tonearm CableveRum
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