vertere acoustics

Vertere Acoustics is the brainchild of Touraj Moghaddam. The founder of Roksan Audio, Touraj was already a highly respected turntable designer in his own right, so it might come as no surprise that his next company makes some of the most innovative and sophisticated turntables, arms and cartridges on the market today.

However, what might come as a more of surprise is Vertere Acoustics began life a few years ago as a maker of high-end, hand-made interconnects and loudspeaker cables. These unique cables proved so successful that Touraj could fund the development of more affordable cables and a lot less affordable tonearms, and over time the range filled out to its current level, with everything from turnkey turntables at affordable price points to super-hig-end vinyl front ends that push the limits of what’s possible from LP replay.

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