Phono-1 MKII


Enjoy the full musical experience from every track and every album with PHONO-1 MkII, the perfect interface between your record player and your amplifier.

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MC | MM Preamplifier PHONO-1 MKII gets the best from any high-quality record player, with maximum dynamic range and supreme detail resolution. With more than 10 gain settings, 15 resistance and 9 capacitance settings, PHONO-1 MKII leaves nothing to chance. It makes the perfect match for almost any Moving Coil or Moving Magnet cartridge.



Type MC/MM Preamplifier
Main Phono Circuit on Separate Gold Plated PCB
Power Supply Linear, Int. Switchable
Transformer on Separate Gold Plated PCB
Gain Settings 40.2dB to 62.8dB
In 12 Step
High Gain version – Add 6.4dB to all settings
Input Impedance Settings 47k for MM
Resistance 78R to 47K for MC – in 14 Steps
100pF & 470pF for MM
Capacitance 100pF to 1.02uF for MC – In 9 Steps
20Hz – 20kHz
Frequency Response +/- 0.2dB
< -78dB – AWD
Noise 0.03%
THD-N Front Panel Options
Finish Vertere Orange, Silver, Black
210 x 235 x 55mm
Dimensions W x D x H (Incl. Switches & Feet)
Weight 2.00Kg