MG-1 Magic Groove MKII


Taking vinyl replay beyond what’s possible in this turntable class, Record Player MG-1 MkII Magic Groove includes and shares critical design elements of the SG-1 Player.



A superlative design, Record Player MG-1 MkII Magic Groove offers remarkable performance that’s bettered only by Vertere’s RG-1 Reference Groove and SG-1 Standard Groove. As with all Vertere turntables, every individual part is custom-built and has been created using the optimum materials and highest precision standards.



  • A perfect match for Vertere’s SG-1 Mkll Tonearm, superbly built and a delight to use

  • Plays music with the intended emotion and real dynamics in a home environment

  • Provides an ideal platform for upgrading tonearm, cable and cartridge



Type Belt Drive
Motor 24 Pole Synchronous
Spindle Support Acetal Ball Bearing
Motor Mount Acetal Mount – Articulated
Double Ball Bearing & Silicon Motor Retainer
Pulley Super Precision Aluminum Alloy
Dive Belt Precision Ground Polymer
Platter MG-1 Super Precision Aluminum Alloy
Single Piece
3mm Bonded Acrylic Record Interface
Bearing Spindle MG-1 Precision Hardened Stainless Steel
Roundness/Concentricity & Finish < 2 Microns
Plinth Structure Clear or special printed black cast acrylic
20mm thick sub, top & bottom plinth
Isolation System 2 stage compliant & 1 stage rigid
9 decoupler sets & A1, alloy feet/foam/ss ball
Motor Drive P/S Precision crystal referenced
Speeds 33.3 & 45 rpm (< 0.3%)
Wow & Flutter < 0.10%
Rumble < -80dB
Dimensions 468 x 384 x 140-155mm
W x D x H(mm)
Weight 30lbs

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