Redline Analog Interconnect


High-performance Redline Analogue Tonearm Cable follows the design principles of Vertere’s superior Pulse-R, preserving the essence of the analog signal.



Redline stereo Analogue Interconnect Cable is internally configured different to the tonearm cable to suit both line level and pre out signals. Dynamic, complex and wideband audio signal is thus conducted from source to amplifier with clarity and superb low level detail. Redline stereo interconnect will enhance your system to perform with uncompromising musical experience.



Type Stereo interconnect cable
Termination and Length Vertere Redline RCA and XLR 1.00m (Additional lengths in 0.5m steps)
Cable Type x7 Conductors, Vertere Pulse Multi Type
x1 Ground, x3 Signal (Hot), x3 Signal (Return)
Conductor High Purity Copper
Plating Silver, Tin
Insulation FEP, Special PVC
Shield Main Braid + Inner Special Wrap
Size 4.8 (each)