Redline Analog Tonearm Cable


High-performance Redline Analogue Tonearm Cable follows the design principles of Vertere’s superior Pulse-R, preserving the essence of the analog signal.



Redline Analogue Tonearm Cable, as with the Pulse-R, allows the miniature cartridge generator to drive the phono input comfortably. The internal conductor configuration of the Redline tonearm cable is optimised for conducting the delicate phono signal with its substantial RIAA equalization.

This provides the low frequencies, recorded at attenuated levels, and the much higher-level high frequencies, with an equal ‘drive’. Thus elevating the performance achieved with the Redline tonearm cable as close as possible to the formidable Pulse-R.



Type Tonearm cable
Termination and Length Vertere Redline 5pin 90°, RCA, XLR with Ground Wire 1.15m (Additional lengths in 0.5m steps)
Cable Type 7x Conductors Vertere Pulse Multi Type, 3x Ground, 2x Signal (Hot), 2x Signal (Return)
Conductor High Purity Copper
Plating Silver, Tin
Insulation FEP, Special PVC
Shield Main Braid + Inner Special Wrap
Size 4.8 x 10mm